CowManager: 24/7 Monitoring in the Cow’s Ear

What is CowManager?

Your Solution to Accurate Heat Detection and Finding Sick Cows.

CowManager is an innovative system that monitors cow activity, temperature, eating, rumination and resting times. CowManager’s SensOor is a computer microchip within the cow’s ear tag, a unique alternative to other herd monitoring systems. The system offers Fertility, Health and Nutrition modules, providing you with better data to make more informed management decisions.

CowManager is easy to install and proven to work in all management systems. A router and coordinator on your farm collect data from each cow’s SensOor tag. The information is made available through the CowManager program on your farm computerand mobile devices.

How Will CowManager Improve the Way I Manage my Herd?

Reproductive Efficiency, Less Death Loss and Ration Feedback.

Fertility: Reliable Heat Detection

  • Identifies the best time to A.I.
  • More pregnancies
  • Lowers insemination and hormone costs

Health: Sick Cow Alerts

  • Provides early and reliable detection of sick cows
  • Monitors effectiveness of treatment
  • Reduced antibiotic and labor costs, saving you money
  • Less milk production losses and more milk in the tank

Nutrition: Improve Feed Efficiency

  • Measures amount of time cow spends eating and ruminating, and if eating habits change
  • Monitor how cows are adjusting to ration changes
  • Evaluate how cows are transitioning and responding to transition diet

Why are the World's Best Dairies Using CowManager?

Progressive Dairies are Implementing CowManager to Decrease Costs and Increase Profits.

“This system was the best investment I have made on my farm. The heat detection system finds 10-15% more cows on heat when compared against the alerts and tailpaint put together.”

Jason Burleigh – Australia

“The health alerts are the most valuable part of the system for me. They help us identify cows thatare sick or not ruminating correctly. I do more preventative care before a cow gets really sick becauseof these alerts. I can also monitor how the cow responds to treatment and even adjust my treatments because of how I see her responding. I have recommended this system to other dairy producers and will continue to do so.”

Ben Yutzy – USA

“I have changed my herd health protocols and reduced antibiotic use. Alert cows are treated before clinical symptoms arise and I can watch on my computer screen when these cows start eating hours later.”

Brett Morgan – Australia

Where Can I Find More Information?

to learn more about CowManager and make contact with a WWS sales representative near you.